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Village essentials

Oily education for our team
Village Essentials is a community of people who love the healthy lifestyle, oils, and products that Young Living offers. This is a place where we support one another! As a team we are all in this group to help each other out. Essential oil questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to make posts or comment on other people's posts. If you have a question, ask!


Bloom: thriving in motherhood

Our motherhood community-focused group
This is a group for mamas in all stages of life - maternity, postpartum, young kiddos, older kiddos! We will be diving deeper into topics like hormone balancing, energy renewal, sleep, emotion/mood balance, gut health, immune support, & home detox.  We offer weekly meal plans, monthly interviews from experts on lactation, herbs, homeopathy, natural breast care, & more! This group is community focused & you're bound to find friends.

Why new people are joining Young Living every day:


This is where we talk about how our own personal lives have changed via the business opportunity with Young Living. We have it all here - the comp plan, testimonials, Q+A's...  all of it! I would never expect someone to make a business decision without being comfortable, so here is where you get comfortable!


This is the FREE group from Martha to get you started!
"I was INCREDIBLY blessed to have my team hit GOLD in just 6 months, so this group is a place where I share IPA's, (income producing activities) ideas on how to get leads, motivation if you're feeling stuck! I'll bring in speakers to share what's working for them... Shoot, I'll even share my books I'm reading and what I'm digging about those too... Here's the deal - we can't hit ranks like Gold unless we are consistent in touching back with our leads and also relentless in our pursuit for self development... I teach my own team this stuff, and it's made the difference for us.  If you want can have it.  Bottom line. Also...there's room at the table for ALL of let's build a bigger table!" (Martha Krejci)


This is the training that will ignite your team growth!


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Learn how to share the business with influencers


Learn how to bring 20 people into your team in 30 days